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A Little Book of Handstands (Second Edition) by Bendy Kate


A Little Book of Handstands (Second Edition)!

• More images, more theory and a new design!

• From simple upright hand balances all the way to one handed and contortion handstands

• 195 pages, 13 Chapters

• Now available as an ebook too!

• Contains hand balance theory and information on the biomechanics of the balances (including one handed handstands)

• Written by Bendy Kate – who has been hand balancing her whole life (originally as a competitive sports acrobat flyer)

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A Little Book of Handstands (Second Edition) is now out!

Since the success of A Little Book of Handstands – we have updated it to create the second edition! With more handstands, more planches, more one handed tips and more theory!

A Little Book of Handstands is split up into 13 Chapters starting with simple upright hand balances and then taking you all the way through to one handed handstands and contortion handstands! It flows in a chronological order to help you work your way up and conditioning your hand balancing in the best order. You do NOT have to handstand to buy this book; it contains lots of wall balances, conditioning, entries and exits too!

The book has a lot of information to help you understand the biomechanics of the balances covered in each chapter.

Please note: this book is suitable for mixed abilities, but not aimed at complete beginners. We recommend that you consult a health professional first, and get some training with a handstands specialist before you dive into the book.


Author & Editor: Kate Czepulkowski (BSc Hons Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation)

Photography by Scrumptious Photography & Rach Mayes

Graphics by @DesignJules

Models: Kate Czepulkowski (Bendy Kate) Sally Miller and Caroline Arundel


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2 reviews for A Little Book of Handstands (Second Edition) by Bendy Kate

  1. Megan

    After buying the book halfway through the February handstands challenge, it truly helped me understand every little detail I needed! The pictures are super helpful (and beautiful!) and I use it every day for my practising. Best £20 I ever spent. Thank you Kate and the team for an amazing little book! ?

  2. Irene

    I love this book. I have started to practice handstands now (with 31 years old, I guess it is never too late) and this book has help me a lot to understand the technique and how to start gradually, step by step. Pictures are amazing (it is also so beautiful seeing how Bendy and her colleagues make those impossible handstand). A really good job with this book (they say is little, but I think each page worth gold!). Kisses from Spain!

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