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Bendy Box Subscription


The Bendy Box

Holistic online classes with Bendy Kate

The Bendy Box Subscription includes:

• 1 x livestream stretch class per week with Bendy

• Flow and conditioning classes

• Monthly flexibility challenges

• The ability to rewatch the class at anytime after it has gone live

• An online support group

In order to be part of The Bendy Box, you will need:

• A valid e-mail address

• An active Facebook account

Please see below for more details

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Welcome to The Bendy Box – “one of the most effective and safest ways to improve your flexibility”

The Bendy Box is a monthly subscription to livestream classes that you can take part live or re watch whenever you want

The Bendy Box Subscription includes:

• 1 x livestream stretch class per week with Bendy

• Flow and conditioning classes

• Monthly flexibility challenges

• The ability to rewatch the class at anytime during the subscription after it has gone live

• An online support group

Please see below for more details

The Bendy Box is a monthly subscription that includes weekly livestream stretching classes, conditioning classes, flow tutorials and flexibility challenges. Don’t worry if you can’t take part live, classes will be saved to the group and available for you to re watch whenever you want!

There is no minimum sign up, you simply subscribe to the months you want to.
The Bendy Box will only run on months when Bendy is not travelling full time.

In order to subscribe you will need an active Facebook account. You will also need a good internet connection or 3/4G, a yoga mat, speakers or headphones and water nearby! (we also advise getting therabands, yoga blocks and a small weight for some of the conditioning classes)

Once you have purchased your Bendy Box subscription, you will receive an email with a link to request to join a group called “The Bendy Box” followed by the subscription month. If you have any special stretching requests or injuries that Bendy needs to be aware of, please write them down on the group! Each live class will be saved to the group so you can take part whenever you wish for that month.

You will only have access to the videos during the month of your subscription. There is a 7 day cooling off period where you can catch up with any missed videos. After this 7 days the videos will be taken down and the group emptied ready for a new subscription.

If you have any other queries, just let us know by emailing bendykateclothing@gmail.com

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11 reviews for Bendy Box Subscription

  1. Maja

    Maja, August 2017

    “I joined the Bendy Kate “Bendybox” Stretching Program!
    I can recommend it to ANYBODY because of the following reasons:

    + Bendy does not only do a strict program, she also asks her participants what bodyparts they would like to stretch
    + If you have any injuries, you can communicate it to her before class
    + The class is very well structured
    + Questions can be asked during class, they will be answered during the breaks
    + Intense warmup at the beginning of the class to make sure the body is warm and ready for stretching
    + A great selection of different stretches in one class (Also very good stretches you didn’t even know they exist!!!)
    + On top of the stretches, Bendy also shows variations of the main stretches which target different areas or help to go deeper
    + Important: Perfect lead through the stretches, very good explanation to make sure you do the stretches correctly!
    + Cool down at the end of the class
    + Class is for every level! For the harder stretches Bendy always gives an easier option/variation
    + Important: you can rewatch the class whenever you want ! If you cannot join the class you can simply catch up on another time or day!
    + The class makes me do stretches which i don’t like and usually like to skip! ?”

  2. Michelle

    I joined the Bendy Box and absolutely love it! <3

    There are effective streches from the beginning on, which help a lot to improve. Just in the first two hours i got so much new inspiration for myself and future streching sessions.
    Bendy alwas takes care and asks what you want to reach, what your goals are and if you have any injurys to be sure everyting works save in the lesson.
    The class is well structured and questions can be asked during the lesson too, they always get anwered in detail.

    Before i started i hated to strech my back and shoulders, now i am holding the poses as long as i never thought. :b

    The best thing is, you can do the lesson whenever you want and rewatch it. You are not bound to the time Bendy does the lesson, if you have no time in the morning you rewatch it in the afternon ore the next day. 🙂

    I just can recommend it for everybody out there who are want to work on their flexibility, she does it great! <3

  3. Kelsey

    I love the Bendy Box! I’ve done one week and it’s so refreshing to have somebody teach ME new stuff for a change! I live in the US and can’t get to the computer to watch them live but that’s ok. I pull them up later and Bendy still kicks my butt! I enjoy having somebody teach me advanced stretching as it’s not easy to find without shelling out the big bucks.
    The Bendy Box is a great experience and I recommend it to anybody who wishes to become stretchier, no matter your level!

  4. Eve Anderson

    With Bendy Kate you know you’re in the hands of a very knowledgable, experienced instructor. Her calm, clear teaching style is so easy to follow and she gives different options for the harder stretches depending on your comfort level. I’ve done her first two live classes, plus I repeated one ( they can be watched again at anytime after they’ve first gone out) and I can already tell my back bends are improving! I’m finding it much more motivating to know I’m interacting with a real person who can answer my questions, than if it were just a normal download. I’ve downloaded yoga classes and other fitness courses before and rarely finished them as there is nobody really ‘there’ to ask questions. I also love knowing that other people across the world are also joining in at the same time as me! The next class is in about 2 hours time and I’ll be there with my computer ready to go! I love it!

  5. Natasha

    I cannot recommend the Bendy Box enough. This package is excellent for anyone who wants to increase their flexibility safely, especially for use in aerial work. What I love about the Bendy Box:

    ~ Clear instructions and help with poses (you can ask Bendy Kate questions either during or after the stream and she really makes an effort to help and engage everyone)
    ~ Full body warm-up of approx 30 mins that focuses on building strength and active flexibility, as well as preparing the body to go into deeper poses
    ~ Around 40 minutes of deeper stretching with poses broken down and explained in detail. There are many options given so if something isn’t working for your body there will definitely be something else on offer later in the class
    ~ Progressions and regressions to suit every level. It is also a very interactive platform as Bendy Kate will ask what your goals are, whether you have any injuries or challenges, and modify classes to suit those who are subscribed
    ~ Proper cool-down at the end to prevent injury and reduce soreness after stretching
    ~ The classes are available to stream either live or later on. You have access for the entire month. The one downside is that once the month is over you will no longer have access to the videos, so make the most of them while you can!
    ~ Good value as you get from an hour to around an hour and 20 minutes (usually a bit over an hour) for each session, that you can access whenever suits you
    ~ Excellent detail given by a very knowledgeable instructor – no other flexibility classes I have attended have focused so much on useful, active flexibility, and which muscles you need to specifically contract and relax to really get the most out of your stretching (this includes a couple of real-life workshops given by contortionists). This is especially helpful to someone like me who needs to build up the strength to support flexibility gains
    ~ Bendy Kate is really friendly and you get the added benefit of head coach Peanut the dog, to add to the fun! 🙂

  6. Charlotte Dovey

    I love ‘the bendy box!’ I’ve been stretching with bendy for 2 months now & can definitely notice progress with my bendiness- especially in my back, bendy’s knowledgeable tips have really made something click with me & I can feel my upper back opening more.
    Each week is different so you focus on all areas of the body with interesting stretches which I’ve never seen before.
    I love my classes & highly recommend them to anyone wanting to progress with their flexibility.

  7. Lilia

    I wanted to increase my flexibility and learn new stuff in a safe way, so I decided to join the bendy box.
    after few stretching session, I noticed improvement in my backbends. I also discovered many new exercices and kickstarted my active flexibility.
    I’m really happy with my progress and all the new things I have to work on.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge Bendy !

  8. Aileen

    I am really hard to motivate at home, but Bendy and her guest instructors really kicked my butt! I found the classes to be entertaining and with lots of variation throughout the month, which made it not boring and repetitive at all. I learned a lot and I‘ll definitely join again! Also, the Facebook group is very helpful and Bendy is quick to answer your questions.

  9. Becky Hopkins

    I absolutely love the Bendy Box!

    Bendy is so knowledgable and her classes really cover everything.
    The live classes are interactive too, so you can ask questions as you go along.
    Each class is carefully planned to focus on a particular area of flexibility, and at the beginning of the month Bendy gives all the subscribers the opportunity to suggest focus areas, so classes are tailored to your specific goals.

    The classes are also very easy to follow, and it’s the only way I stay motivated to stretch at home!
    Thanks for creating such a brilliant and unique set of classes <3

  10. Mees

    The box a amazing. I have a horrible shoulder flexibility and the technique and moves from bendy late really help me to understand them and work with my shoulders. My leg flexibility also got a lot better. She had amazing active flexibility training.

  11. Dani

    I feel the bendybox has really been a safe way to learn technique how to increase your flexibility and take it to the next level. The box has changed my view of stretching completly. I feel I can connect with my body during stretching so much better now and my active flexibility have surely increased which I notice in my other training pole, hammock, hoop and silks. I see now stretching more as an “easier paced workout”. It’s so easy to put on a class and go with it, bendy has very clear instructions and her voice is nice to listen to. I have participed many times but I feel like in every class I learn something new and afterwards I feel so awesome for succeeding in completing, for my level, a more difficult stretching sequense.

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