Foot Stretcher


Handcrafted Foot Stretcher

• A wooden base layered Teal velvet fabric

• Black felt underneath to protect your floor

• Helps to improve your ankle and toe point

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Give the gift of a beautiful toe point with our foot stretcher, handcrafted in the UK.

The Foot Stretcher is an amazing way to increase your toe AND ankle point, giving you perfect lines and extension on the ground and in the air! You simply place your foot under the black lycra, in the foot groove and engage the quadriceps to straighten the leg, in effect directly stretching the ankle. Remember to keep your ankles in a neutral position whilst stretching (don’t sickle).

The Foot Stretcher features a wooden base that is designed to sculpt around the heel of the foot. It is covered with Teal velvet and black firm lycra to stretch the toe point. The base is covered in a black felt to protect your floors from any marks.

Foot stretcher training should always be accompanied with a warm-up, toe point strengthening and calf stretching too.

Additional information

Weight 0.636 kg
Dimensions 45 × 10 × 6 cm
Foot Stretcher



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