Men’s Back Warmer


Men’s back warmer

• Tailored to men’s physiques

• Subtle black galaxy sports lycra

• Double layer, super soft, lightweight and breathable

• Back warming function, covers the majority of the spine

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Bendy and Laqadaze clothing have teamed up again to make a MALE version of the Bendy Kate Back Warmer!

We have created a completely different size guide from the female back warmers to create a back warmer tailored to men. Black galaxy is the perfect print to be discreet but still remain stylish!

Keep your back warm before, during and after training!

Available in men’s small, medium and large

What is a back warmer?

A backwarmer is a vital accessory for any individual taking part in sports that use the spine. You put it on during your warm up, then the double layer sports lycra acts as a barrier to trap the heat in, keeping your back warm and ready for exercise. For training you can either take it off or simply fold it down. Then, put it back on for your cool down to keep the spine warmer for longer after training. This reduces the risk of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and injury!

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Weight 0.19 kg

Small, Medium, Large

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