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Postural Support Bra


Postural Support Bra
Promoting a healthy posture, upper back and shoulders

• Available in Black

• Design of the bra prevents shoulders from rounding forwards and helps keep upper back open

• Available in size S/M & L

• Clasps at the front, 3 levels to choose from

• Helps with injury prevention

• Featured in Upside Down Injuries: Prehab & Rehab and used every day by Bendy Kate

Please ensure that you check the size guide before ordering.

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Bendy Kate absolutely swears by these so we have stocked some of our own postural support bras! Bendy simply wears hers after a heavy upper limb training session & to sleep in each night! Upper limb training can eventually tighten anterior shoulder muscles and chest muscles and over time change your posture. This change in posture can lead to injuries. The postural support bra is not supposed to be restrictive or overly tight on the shoulders, the front straps simply encourage your shoulders not to round forwards and the band underneath the breasts helps keeps your thoracic spine in a good position.

Our postural support bras can be worn both my males and females! It comes in 2 sizes:

Small/Medium (UK 8-10)

Large (UK 12)

Suitable for  all pole, aerial, gymnastics, dance and more, the postural support bra is an essential product that will help improve posture and therefore reduce the risk of injury.

Bendy says she feels so much better in her thoracic and shoulders after a nights sleep in the postural support bra, she can really feel the difference when she doesn’t wear it.

Bendy – Wearing S/M, 5ft 4, size 10

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S/M, L

4 reviews for Postural Support Bra

  1. Rhianna Mcphee

    Adore this!

    I use it while training and after a heavy shoulder/based session, you can really feel the difference, I highly recomend it!

  2. Lydia

    I bought the postural support bra and most of the time I’m wearing it for sleeping, because I’m always sleeping on my shoulders so they are rotating inwards, getting tight and painful… With the bra, it’s much better! I’m also using it while sitting in front of the PC for a long time and it prevents me from rolling my shoulders forwards! 🙂 Its cheap to buy, but with a big effect! Thank you!

  3. Erica

    I’m using the bra every night and also by day when I feel shoulder/back/neck pain and I need extra support. It’s completely invisible under shirts or sweaters! Perfect even for daily use. I decided to try it because I’m currently recovering from a major shoulder injury but recommend it to everyone… injured or not! Better prevent than cure 😉 Thanks Bendy!

  4. Anette Jacobs

    This bra provides so much support. Not only gives me a better posture, but also makes my bosom area look much larger! I’ve been wearing this during the day with alot of desk sitting, but intrigued on giving it a try while sleeping. Especially as I sleep on my front, which pulls my shoulders down.

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