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Advanced Stretching Technique 2 by Bendy Kate (Second Edition)


Advanced Stretching Technique 2 by Bendy Kate

• A5 book

• Choose from paperback, hardback or ring bound

• 2nd edition of Advanced Stretching Technique

• Doubled in size

• Thousands of new images/stretches

• 19 chapters, 396 pages

• Much more theory, anatomy and physiology

• Bonus sections on; dynamic flexibility, active flexibility, foam rolling, partner stretches, contortion, duo contortion and more!

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Advanced Stretching Technique 2 by Bendy Kate is the second edition of the incredibly popular ‘Advanced Stretching Technique’ released in 2016. The second edition has doubled in size, has thousands of new images, new chapters and tons of new theory and anatomy! This training resource book begins with an intro section, answering those most commonly asked questions about stretching, then goes into the physiology and anatomy behind flexibility training. This flexibility encyclopaedia is separated into 11 easy to follow chapters starting from the head and ending with the toes! The book also includes 8 bonus sections on; dynamic flexibility, active flexibility, foam roller, partner stretches, contortion, a new duo contortion section and more!

Understanding more about stretching and the human body is the key to your stretching success.

Please note: 

The book is suitable for mixed abilities, but not aimed at complete beginners to exercise. There are plenty of beginners stretches included for people who are new to stretching and want to improve their flexibility. If you’re new to stretching, we recommend that you consult a health professional first, and receive some training from a stretching specialist before you dive into the book.
Also if you bend a paper/hardback in half it may damage the spine.


Author: Kate Czepulkowski (BSc Hons Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation)
Photography by Scrumptious Photography and Suzi Bird Photography
Graphics by Julie Grand-Scrutton
Models: Caroline Arundel, Alison Roy, Kirsty Shepherd, Sally Miller, Jade Flash, Yvette DuSol and Kate Czepulkowski

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3 reviews for Advanced Stretching Technique 2 by Bendy Kate (Second Edition)

  1. Lilia

    The first edition was a must have, but this one is even better. There is so many stretchs and interesting informations about the body (.. I have to admit that the doga part is my fav :P)

  2. Ly Le

    There are so many different exercises for each part of the body, and even modifications for each exercise with description. I only had time to try some of them and they helped open up different areas of muscles which I didn’t know how to stretch before. This book is great for me to add more to my stretching routine. The partner stretches are really fun too, but must be done with caution. Overall it’s a great resource and great investment. I use it daily. Thank you Kate ?

  3. Laura Pugh

    I am so in love with this book! Going through this is giving me such a better understanding of why we do certain stretches and a better connection with my body over all.
    I’ve shown my boyfriend and he evens wants to borrow it for weightlifting! He wants to use it to check which muscles will be benefiting from which exercises and just keep an eye on his body whilst trying to gain mass,. I’ve warned him to go careful with the stretches themselves though.

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