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Upside Down Injuries: Prehab & Rehab


Upside Down Injuries: Prehab and Rehab by Bendy Kate

• Choose from A4 paperback book or E-Book, 12 chapters, 350 pages

• A book on anatomy, physiology, injury prevention and rehabilitation for ‘upside down sports’

• Thousands of exercise and anatomy images

• We only get given one body – let’s use it wisely!

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After years in the making – ‘Upside Down Injuries: Prehab and Rehab’ by Bendy Kate is here!

An A4 350 page book all about injuries, training, anatomy, physiology, energy systems, injury prevention, rehabilitation and the most important part – it is tailored to the Upside Down Industries!

Bendy Kate has used her knowledge from her degree in Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation, combined it with her 10+ years as a professional athlete to create this educational resource for coaches, both professional & recreational athletes and therapists. The aim is to try and increase the education and understanding of these sports and to better prepare the body for them.

The book begins with a long introduction where you can learn basic human anatomy and physiology. It then goes into the Injuries Chapter, which focuses on variables that can lead to injury, common types of injury in upside down sports, the results of Bendy’s study on injuries in upside down sports. Bendy discusses treatment and therapy options, as recovery should never be done completely alone! From there the book is separated into body parts, starting with the head and finishing with the feet. Each chapter begins with background information on anatomy and common injuries of the body part in question. Bendy believes there are 3 simple steps to rehab/prehab success: Mobility, Stability and Recovery. Therefore in each body part chapter you will find a section of active stretches to increase range of movement, strengthening exercises beneficial to upside down athletes and finishing with a soft tissue release section which you can use in your cool downs. Each chapter contains hundreds of exercises with clearly illustrated images and text to explain the exercises. Exercises are group together according to their muscle group or function (i.e. rotator cuff, or proprioception exercises).

The book contains thousands of images showing a wide variety of rehab and prehab exercises and lots of anatomy images to help the information sink in effectively. Most exercises are difficulty coded so you can understand how to progress or regress the difficulty.

We only get one body – let’s use it wisely.

Please note: 

The book is suitable for all abilities, but not aimed at complete beginners to exercise. The book is a tool to use alongside the help of professional therapists, it is not a tool to replace therapists or to diagnose your injury. If you are unsure about exercises consult a health professional first, and receive some training from a specialist before you dive into the book.
Treat your copy with care if you want to ensure longevity of the book!


Author: Kate Czepulkowski BSc Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation
Photography by Scrumptious Photography
Graphics by Julie Grand-Scrutton
Models: Vicky Peacock, Bendy Kate & Caroline Arundel
Clothing Sponsor: Dragonfly Brand

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10 reviews for Upside Down Injuries: Prehab & Rehab

  1. Dominique Stagg

    The size of this book was a pleasant surprise. It’s larger than the previous books and packed with pretty much every injury an aerialist or dancer/gymnast could experience. I have Hip Dysplasia along with Hip Impingement and Bursitis and I am also a dancer. I have searched for nearly 9 months trying to find correct techniques that I can do at home to aid my disorder and injuries in addition to my hospital rehab. Sadly the only resources for hip related injuries online are either directed towards old people, children or dogs! So finding 60 pages of JUST hip related rehab exercises was a dream! More reassuring than that was seeing a few of the rehab exercises I have been given from the dysplasia physio within the book. Thank you Bendy for creating such a useful resource. Especially for aerialists and dancers because in dance world a hip injury is a taboo subject and is never spoken about. Regardless of your injury I would highly recommend this book. I will also be sharing it with the Adult Dysplasia groups due to the limited information out there to help adults who wish to help themselves through exercise. This resource will come as a relief to many in those groups I am sure. Xxx

  2. Kaylee mercer

    Thank you so much kate for blessing us all with your knowledge. I’m currently on the mend from a knee injury and this book is helping me understand so much about the anatomy and recovery. I’m hugely grateful that you have made this book and hope everyone else who purchases gains so much from it like I have!

  3. Clare Potter

    This book is a must have for pole dancers! It is really easy to read with great pictures and illustrations and is packed full of injury prevention and rehab advice. I will be keeping a copy at my studio as an injury prevention “bible” for my students.
    Thank you Bendy 💖

  4. Veronica Barria

    This book is fantastic and exactly what I needed. Written and illustrated in an extremely clear and understandable way, it is the perfect guide for every pole dancer and aerial artist, to prevent injuries and / or treat them. The exercises are numerous and of different types so that everyone can find the perfect exercises for their body in this lovely bible. A special thanks for the exercises for those who are hypermobile, I really love the hips stability sequence. much love and thanks

  5. Bianca M.

    This book pretty much immediately became an essential part of my rehab/maintenance work. It’s beautiful organized and covers exercises for every joint in the body from head to toe, and very thoroughly explains just about every physical injury one could sustain from aerial/gymnastic/dance sport. Can be taken as a rehab tool, used for warmup, or if you’re just looking for a good workout this book will kick your butt in a thousand different ways. Love it!! Thank you Bendy for sharing your knowledge with us, the love and hard work you’ve poured into this shows on every page!

  6. Emilie

    I just received the book and I just wanted to say that I’m really impressed with all the work Bendy put into it. It is a really valuable book for all pole athletes and I think everyone should get one!

  7. Tiana K. Gutierrez

    Thank you, Kate, for the amount of hard work, dedication, and love you’ve put into this book! The wealth of knowledge and exercises included is beyond impressive. I was under the care of a traditional physiotherapist for almost six months to address chronic hamstring and glute issues. My shoulders had also suffered compensatory problems from a lack of proper lower body engagement. While I did make progress with my physio, the homework I was given wasn’t discipline specific to aerial, contortion, or pole dance and I hit a plateau very quickly. Square, front splits began to feel almost impossible. It’s been about two months since I purchased Upside Down Injuries (in addition to Advanced Stretching Technique 2) and I’m blown away everyday by the improvements I’ve seen. Front splits are now well within reach, middles are almost to the floor, and my shoulders have never felt better- I can finally straddle with straight arms! Can’t wait to see where I’m at in another six months from now.

  8. Emily Young

    This book is simply amazing. It’s easy to read yet full of information. The layout makes it really easy to follow and find the information you need.
    I’ve personally found the exercises described really beneficial to my own training regime and love the focus on prehab and injury prevention. They’ve also been invaluable for lesson planning, helping me ensure a well balance class for my students.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge Bendy!

  9. Tereza

    This book is a unique collection of know-how, each page shows the love and hardwork that was put into it. Not only it carries enormous amout of information, but it’s also perfectly organized and easy to read.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge Bendy, it’s truly a gem! 💎

  10. Laura Jackson

    For me, this book made my heart full of appreciation and respect! There’s not a huge amount of info/research/books for upside-down sports so I am so truly grateful for this book! The text is interesting and informative. The images are clear and easy to understand. I have old injuries all over me so this book is fab to help look after those and help prevent any others!!

    Thank you Bendy! X

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